Unveiling The Antilles: A Journey Into Caribbean Luxury

Who Are We

Welcome to The Antilles, your exclusive gateway to the world of Caribbean luxury. We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey, where we celebrate the rich heritage, vibrant culture, and unparalleled craftsmanship of the Caribbean. With a curated collection of quality brands and designers hailing from the diverse nations of the Caribbean, we invite you to immerse yourself in a world of tropical elegance, where every purchase tells a story.

The founder of our brand, Regina Clarke, has both parents from two Caribbean islands, and she also has been working for various major fashion retailers approaching 20 years.  She is a trained designer and creator with her first collection in 2007 influenced by the Caribbean.  She has been trained in apparel, welding, shoemaking, soap making, and even construction.  With the passion for her heritage and passion for quality and community building, you will be sure to see all of the weaving of these attributes in the team she is building and the products and brands she discovers. Fun fact, her favorite music genre is soca.

Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines



Discovering Caribbean Heritage

The Caribbean is a treasure trove of heritage, with each island boasting its own distinct culture and traditions. From the rhythmic beats of reggae in Jamaica to the colorful carnivals of Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean is a melting pot of influences that have shaped its vibrant identity. At The Antilles, we pay homage to this cultural tapestry by showcasing brands that embody the essence of Caribbean heritage.

Trinidad & Tobago Panorama Finals 2023

Embracing Luxury with Caribbean Brands

Caribbean luxury is about more than opulence; it is a reflection of the region's unique blend of natural beauty, rich history, and creative talent. We have carefully curated a selection of brands that epitomize this fusion, offering exquisite products that exude elegance, authenticity, and a touch of paradise. From fashion and jewelry to home decor and beauty, our hand-picked collection represents the finest in Caribbean craftsmanship.  We also aim to make brands accessible across islands and in countries such as the US.

Highlighting Caribbean Fashion

Caribbean fashion is a vibrant expression of the region's diversity and zest for life. In our quest to showcase the very best, we have partnered with renowned Caribbean fashion designers who seamlessly blend traditional elements with contemporary styles. From the elegant resort wear of Barbados to the intricate beadwork of Haiti, our fashion collection celebrates the individuality and creativity of Caribbean designers.  We will aim to provide top brands for your easy access, but we will not hesitate to share brands we love.  Our goal is to promote all things Caribbean luxury.

Indulging in Caribbean Cuisine

No exploration of Caribbean luxury is complete without savoring the flavors of the region. The Antilles takes you on a culinary adventure, featuring gourmet delights from the Caribbean's rich gastronomic heritage. From authentic spices and sauces to delectable treats, our collection of Caribbean cuisine will transport your taste buds to the sun-soaked shores of the islands.  You will find highlights of lifestyle woven through fashion and we'll share foods we love.  Whole we may not be able to sell certain foods, we'll work to provide a path towards giving you access to knowledge of amazing treats and links to companies we love.

The Crane's Recipe: Cou Cou & Flying Fish


Barbados Recipes: Cou Cou & Flying Fish

Craftsmanship and Sustainability

At The Antilles, we believe in the value of craftsmanship and sustainability. We partner with brands that prioritize ethical practices, fair trade, and environmental stewardship. By supporting these brands, you not only experience the luxury of the Caribbean but also contribute to the preservation of local communities and the planet.

In Closing

As we embark on this journey together, The Antilles invites you to explore and celebrate the rich heritage of the Caribbean. With our dedication to quality, authenticity, and sustainability, we provide a platform for Caribbean brands to shine and share their stories. Join us in discovering Caribbean luxury at its finest and experience the essence of paradise in every purchase.

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